What is HackAI

HackAI is a student-run hackathon organized by the Artificial Intelligence Society at UTD, aiming to connect today's students with the knowledge and resources needed to build Artificial Intelligence related projects in the span of 24 hours.

Our Mission

We hope to demystify this specialized niche in computer science and bring it forward to students through an AI-related hackathon. We aim for our in-person event to provide both learning and competition opportunities and connect them to professionals who can further guide them in their AI journey.

Why HackAI

Sponsoring HackAI is a win-win opportunity. Your contribution can help participants complete company challenges while giving your company access to top tech talent, advertising opportunities, branding recognition, tech talk presentation time, product showcase, and even potential business challenge solutions.


What to Build


Saints Challenge: Best AI/ML for health and social good

Brainiacs Challenge: Best AI/ML for Retail/Financial Hack

Athletes Challenge:  Best AI/ML for Sports 

Respell Creative Challenge: Best Use Generative AI 

Richardson IQ Grand Challenge: Coolest Application of AI


Make sure to submit a description of your project, tech stack, link to source code, and/or any demo videos 

Hackathon Sponsors


$5,060 in prizes

HackAI General

1st Place - Switch Oleds (RARE Splatoon skins for two of the four on purpose)

Saints Challenge (3)

1st Place - Apple TV

Athletics Challenge (3)

1st Place - Fitbit Inspire 2

Brainiacs Challenge (3)

1st Place - Corsair Keyboard

Creatives Challenge (3)

1st Place - Lego Bonsai Tree

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:




Nicholas Momchev

Nicholas Momchev

Judging Criteria

  • All categories scored from 1-5
  • Learning
    Did the participant(s) learning something new? What lessons did the team learn during the hackathon
  • Functional Prototype
    Can the participant(s) create a functional prototype in the given time period of the hackathon
  • Problem Statement - Solution Fit
    How well does the solution solve the targeted problem statement
  • Presentation
    How well does the team present their project
  • Aid of AI
    How well does the project leverage AI technology
  • Creativity
    How “out of the box” was the team in solving the need? To what extent were existing tools reused and extended? How novel and innovative is the idea
  • Teamwork
    How well did the team work together to create their solution

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